Getting Comfortable.. with Cake*

So…. this is my new home. It’s all new and shiny here…

*pulls up a chair, kicks off shoes, pours a glass of wine*

For now, this is the kind of place that needs coasters, a good doormat and possibly even some dust sheets. But I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m putting my feet up on the table.

I should explain myself. I do the occasional piece of scribbling here and there, when the mood takes me. I had my own blog…. I managed to write five posts over the course of two years. Mostly about me, which wasn’t very interesting. (No really, it’s lovely of you to protes t … but it really was terribly dull.)

So when my lovely friend Kathryn (who can be found here) announced that she was setting up a writing project, I was happy to get on board, if not a tad apprehensive.

The Great Cake* Experiment involves 16 writer, each of whom had, at some point in the last while admitted to Kathryn that they wished to wrote more, or more often, or who had expressed an interest in starting a blog of their own. So Kathryn sent them all a mail suggesting this project with the following rules:

“Everyone who takes part in The Great Cake* Experiment pledges £5, to be collected at the end of the season.

At 4pm every Monday, Kathryn sends out a topic, word or phrase, and the writers then have one week to produce a blog post of any description.

When everyone’s posts are online, each one who contributed votes for their three favourite posts. After 12 weeks, the points are added up and the top three writers win everyone’s £5 – to spend on cake!

They don’t *have* to spend the winnings on cake, but really, it would be a crying shame if they didn’t.

So… this is my new blog, which will contain all my Cake* posts, and maybe a few other bits and pieces too.

Other Cake posts can be found here.

Looking forward to writing and reading with you all, Great Cake Experimenters.

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